The State of Climate Negotiations: What to Expect after COP21?

The COP 21 summit in Paris has generally been described a major breakthrough for climate negotiations, one that would presumably provide the long overdue impetus for developing a sustainable solution to the climate change crisis. However, after so many false starts, one cannot help wonder whether the outcome of the COP 21 climate summit does indeed qualify as a negotiation breakthrough, or perhaps our expectations are again too optimistic. In other words, how can we evaluate the outcome of COP 21 as being consistent with a negotiation breakthrough as opposed to a negotiation breakdown or to business as usual (neither breakthrough nor breakdown)? In an article I published in 2014 in the journ

Practicising Digital Diaspora Diplomacy

On the 20th of May, 2016, the Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group (#DigDiploROx) held a one-day seminar at the University of Oxford focused on Diaspora diplomacy in the digital age. Convened by Professor Corneliu Bjola together with Jennifer Cassidy and Ilan Manor (both doctoral students at Oxford) the seminar aimed to analyse the impact digital tools have on the relations between diaspora communities and MFAs/embassies. Attended by representatives from twenty embassies to London and the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the workshop combined presentations on the topic with a roundtable on digital diaspora engagement. It also included two DiploHacks addressing the issues of cr

Prof. Corneliu Bjola

I'm an Oxford scholar seeking to make sense of "unknown unknowns" in international diplomacy, a data viz. aficionado, and an unrepentant Big Lebowski fan ("lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you's..").

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